SURVIVE & THRIVE at home: a survival kit for quarantine

This ‘home survival kit’ is going to give you the reinforcement you need to stay on track with your healthy habits in a time of ‘social distancing.’  This guide is loaded with tips, recipes, and workouts to keep you feeling positive and productive!

When times are uncertain, it’s all too easy to want to hibernate and escape what’s happening in the world. That can mean extra couch time – and extra snacks and calories.  While everyone loves a good TV binge from time to time, we also know the power of MODERATION. 

A little couch time coupled with healthy food, workouts, and fun activities can equal a happier, more balanced YOU!  We hope our tips help you find balance and calm during these times. ENJOY!


This Survive & Thrive Guide is packed with strategies, tips, recipes, and workouts to keep you feeling positive and productive during this time of social distancing.

This Survive & Thrive Guide has exactly what you need right now, with tips showing how to:

  • Reduce anxiety fast with a breathing exercise used by NAVY SEALS
  • Create your perfect lockdown schedule
  • Have more FUN with free games and activities the whole family will love
  • Take your house from “lived in” to “loved” in 3 steps
  • Cook fast, healthy meals from pantry basics
  • Sneak in a quick workout in your living room (and get the fam to join in!)