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We are so excited for you to experience the WILCOX difference: 

  • Get active, no matter what shape you are in right now
  • Nourish yourself to thrive, without dieting and deprivation 
  • Build a healthy lifestyle that you will love and be able to sustain for your lifetime
  • Feel great - increase your confidence levels
  • Have sustained energy so you are always up for adventure
  • Be a contributing member of a positive and inspiring community
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Work smarter. Not harder. WILCOX TRAINING PHILOSOPHY

We help busy professionals live their very best life by forming healthy habits they can sustain for life. We combine all aspects of living a healthy life to help you achieve and sustain your goals in the long term without any sacrifice.  

We designed our training program with you in mind so that you can:

  • Live your life to the very fullest
  • Have the energy to do the things you love to do
  • Feel confident, attractive, and comfortable in your skin
  • Feel physically and mentally strong - able to take on any challenge or adventure without worrying that your energy or stamina will get in the way
  • Be the very best version of yourself
  • Stop worrying about diseases and not being around for your family
  • Run around with your children (or grandchildren) without feeling pain, winded, or tired AND do it again the next day

All without having to:

  • Follow some ridiculous, unsustainable diet or starving yourself
  • Being a slave to the gym 
  • Give up foods you enjoy 
  • Figure it out on your own

When you join our training program, you are joining an incredible community of like-minded people who are working to live their life to the very fullest. You have a team of dedicated, world-class personal trainers who are 100% invested in your success and will stop at nothing to achieve your health and fitness goals.  And, most importantly, you are putting a stake in the ground and deciding that you are worth it and making the decision to live your life to the very fullest.  

Let's do this...
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