HELLO & Welcome

We are living in a crazy world with COVID-19 - this webpage is designed to help you understand what we are doing during this time to keep everyone safe in the time of COVID-19 and to show you the various training options that you have available to you at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness. The health and safety of you, our community, and our team is our #1 priority. We hope that the policies and procedures that we have put into place will help you feel really confident and comfortable as you consider joining us and will help you make the decision of what training format is going to be best suited for you. We are offering 3 different training formats: LIVEStream Training Sessions, OUTDOOR Training Sessions (weather permitting), and INDOOR in-person Training Sessions. If you are joining our group training program, you may attend any of these sessions at any time just by registering via your PIKE13 account once you are a client - 1 hour in advance. If you are training in our private training program, you will just coordinate your training method with your trainer.

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Wilcox Wellness & Fitness COVID-19 Core Values

Your health is our #1 priority.



The health and safety of everyone around us is the #1 concern.



We are diligent with mask compliance, hand hygiene, and disinfecting surfaces.



We must be an active participant in staying healthy and safe.



We avoid complacency at all costs and we are role models for our community.

LIVEStream Training

Our LIVEStream Training Sessions are just like training with us in the gym with the trainers that are 100% committed to your success from the comfort of your home.  We are coaches, we are a coaching business - our LIVEStream training sessions give you the accountability and structure of working with your personal trainer in REAL-TIME to receive REAL-TIME coaching.  You can expect to get an amazing workout, receive tons of coaching to ensure proper form and technique, and feel the love of our amazing community.

What to expect in a LIVEStream Training Session:

How to join... in a nutshell...

(1) Download ZOOM
(2) Register for your session in Pike13 at least one hour in advance of the session
(3) Log in to ZOOM 5 mins before your training session starts using the meeting ID and password listed on Pike13
(4) Adjust your camera so that the trainer can see your full body

  • How do I get set up for LIVEStream Group Personal Training? Great question, we have an entire webpage set up to show you the ins and outs of getting set up for success for LIVEStream Training. This website will help you download ZOOM, set up the training space in your home, set up your camera, and give you playlists to pump you up during your training session. All your LIVEStreaming tech questions are answered here.
  • What training sessions should I plan on attending? You will have access to any of the training sessions in our group training program and our trainers will be able to modify each training session so that you get the most out of the session. Getting the most out of the session doesn't mean pushing the hardest, going the fastest, or lifting the heaviest. It means doing what is right for you in that workout, prioritizing proper form and technique so that when you leave, you feel amazing for the rest of the day.  
  • I'm nervous about other people seeing me workout. We get that - the only person that is going to see you work out is your trainer, and they are there to support and encourage you. Once the session starts, we suggest that everyone 'pin' the trainer and switch into speaker view - so the trainer is the only screen visible. Just give it a couple of sessions. You will find that everyone is so focused on their own training session that this worry will evaporate. Here is a look at what the screen will look like in your session when you are in 'speaker view.'
  • What should I wear to training sessions? Any clothing that you feel comfortable in and can move freely in. Take a look here to see what others are wearing for inspiration.
  • How do I get warmed up for training sessions? Great question! Our trainers will take you through a quick warmup before the training session. If you want to feel really AMAZING, it would be a good idea to do some SMR: Self Myofascial Release before or after your training session. We have an awesome resource for you to learn how to do that on your own here. You are welcome... you can thank us later!
  • When and how do I sign up for training sessions? Our trainers plan for each participant that comes to the training sessions, so we ask that you register one hour in advance for training sessions. We just ask that you click on our schedule on our website. Click on the session you'd like to enroll in, log in to your account, and confirm your enrollment. You will receive an email confirmation once you enroll with the link to join the LIVEStream Training session via ZOOM with the training session password. Please reach out if you have any issues.
  • What should I expect in these LIVEStream Training Sessions? Great question! We know this is all new to so many people so we made a playlist of videos for you to scroll through to get a good idea of what to expect. (Hit the list button in the upper right-hand corner to skip around videos.)
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INSIDE - In Person Training

We are taking our IN-PERSON training protocol very seriously, adhering to the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Governor in an effort to keep everyone safe & healthy. It is very important that everyone takes on a team spirit to ensure this is a smooth process and one everyone will have confidence in.

Our INDOOR Training
Process in Bangor, Maine:

Our INDOOR Training
Process in Brunswick, Maine:

A few things to know:

  • To enter the gym, you will be required to wear a mask until you get to your 'station' on the training floor.
  • Our facility and training sessions will be set up to ensure we remain 6 feet away from anyone with a mask and 14 feet away from anyone without a mask.  We ask that you also do your very best to adhere to these guidelines, keeping in mind that not everyone may feel as comfortable as you do.
  • Once entering, you will sanitize your hands, sign the waiver at the front desk, & change into your clean indoor shoes. 
  • You will then proceed to your “station” on the training floor.  A member of the trainer team will meet you to let you know where your station is.
  • Your trainer will meet you at your station to begin your training session.
  • If you choose to train with us (YAY!) we will send you a more detailed protocol of what to expect.

OUTDOOR Training Sessions

Our OUTDOOR Training Sessions provide the opportunity to train with our team outside while the weather is good.  You will be using pre-sanitized equipment like dumbells, kettlebells, and bands while getting an amazing training session coached in person by one of our trainers. 

Here is a preview of an outdoor training session:

What you need to know about outdoor training Sessions...

  • What should I bring for outdoor training? All you’ll need is a bottle of water and any sun protection you might want to use (sunglasses, hat, sunscreen).
  • Where do I go for the outdoor sessions? The outdoor training sessions are held in the lot behind the building. 
  • What about the sanitization of the equipment? The equipment you’ll be using will have been pre-cleaned before you begin (please feel free to clean it again yourself), and will be sanitized after. 
  • How long are the outdoor sessions? The training sessions run for 45 minutes, and include a dynamic warm-up to start the session off and end with a cool-down and